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Government Documents: GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS


The Richard W. Norton Memorial Library serves as a selective depository for federal and state documents. In 1969 the library was designated as a federal depository and its collection contains over 3,000 physical items with electronic access provided for additional resources. The library became a state depository in 1971 and its state documents number in the hundreds.

The library provides required access to the federal government's Basic Collection, both through this guide and its local catalog, LCCat. In addition, the library utilizes a suggested list of core titles for academic libraries to complete its holdings. The library is transitioning its holdings of federal documents to exclusively electronic access where available.

For state documents, the library completes the PDDP subject selection form upon request from the Recorder of Documents. This form, provided below, was last updated in January 2017.

Assistance in locating and using government documents is available from the library staff. Users may contact the library via email, phone, chat, text, or in person to obtain assistance.